Feb 13, 2017


This was a completely dreamy afternoon. I felt like ME and I knew that I'll be ME soon for good. I'm most me when I'm with my Gabe. We had way too much fun with my new iphone camera. Can you believe these pics are all from a phone? Definitely still gonna lug around the "real" camera most of the time but these are so fun for a phone!

My set is from PepaLoves. :)

Feb 9, 2017


Hey guys! Wrapping up my fun partnership with Papyrus for one of my favorite holidays: Valentine's Day. Oh, it's just the best and I will never be cynical about it because it's all about cute pink things for me. I think it's about lifting each other up and not dwelling on the romantic side of it, if you don't happen to have that in your life. That's why it's so fun that there are so many cute non-romantic card options these days and of course, Papyrus has the cutest options.

Also pretty pumped to have a daughter who thinks it's just as fun as I do. She's sending out these adorable princess cards to her friends. I remember how fun it was to give Valentine's to all the kids in my class growing up. Goldie isn't in school yet, much to her dismay. I still get her home for 7 more months. Phhewww. Anyway, we're just mailing some out to her little friends and next year she can give them out to her classmates.

I know this is shocking, but my 8 month old son just wants to EAT the valentines. Haha.

And pink hair in February is a rule around here. :)

*this post was sponsored by papyrus and all opinions are my own. :)

XO, Coury