Apr 18, 2015

The only place.

Too much fun prancing around Griffith Park on this gloriously wonderful day.
I had to run some errands this morning and the only way Goldie let me leave is if I promised to bring her a pink milkshake back....she is a smart one (and she settled for a smoothie).
I braved the DMV, got my license switched over, did some really good work shopping, went to Griffith Park, and now Gabe is getting us some Indian take-out.
It was/is basically one of the best days ever.
PLUS, I have fruit embroidered on my outfit so......
I love you, LA.

I'm wearing:
Shirt and Shorts: Pepa Loves
Bag: See by Chloe
Shoes: Dieppa Restrepo

XO, Coury

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Apr 17, 2015

More Spring Goodness.

The best thing about our first week back in LA, THE WEATHER.
OMG, it's so fabulous. I can't contain my excitement about it...and I won't. Ha ha.

Speaking of the weather, it allowed me to bask in the glow of the sun in my new sandals and purse from Zappos. I've said it before, but I stand by it...Zappos has the best customer service ever ever ever, k? I had to exchange a pair of shoes and I swear I was credited back within 2 days from attaching the return label. Amazing.

You can find whatever you need for Spring at Zappos.com...I really needed a new nice bag that I can be proud of and obviously See By Chloe does the trick. I also fell in love with these sweet little star sandals by Loeffler Randall and they are perfect for LA spring...it's chilly in the morn and heats up to a beautiful mild high 70s by late afternoon. Have I mentioned how much I love it?

XO, Coury

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*This post was sponsored by Zappos. THANKS SO MUCH for supporting my wonderful sponsors.

Apr 16, 2015

Last day in Tennessee.

Our last time taking picks at this little civil war park. Bittersweet, just like most everything in life.

We are now in LA and I feel like I have a huge hunk of myself back in place. I just belong here.

I also just ate way too much fried rice. It's so nice being so close to all my very favorite food. I'm actually SO EXCITED to start blogging outfits again now that I'm back in perpetual good weather. PTL.

I'm wearing:
Shoes: Seychelles
Top and Pants: Fancy Treehouse
Sunnies: ZeroUV
Necklace and ring via: Rockbox
Goldie's Dress: Kira Kids

XO, Coury

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