Aug 22, 2016

Food loves Milk

So, I was challenged by CA Milk to come up with a recipe that pairs well with.....MILK. Goldie definitely has a glass of organic whole Milk every single day so I though it was a perfect challenge to try and get some actual food into her belly...and you know, Gabes and mine too haha.

I thought it would be fun to try a play on the classic peanut butter sandwich and milk and make a rainbow veggie stir fry with spicy peanut sauce. I LOVE peanut sauce but I never make it for some reason.  When Gabe and I were first married and had literally ZERO dollars to spend, I used to get steamed rice and peanut sauce from a thai place in Echo Park. The rice was $1 and the peanut sauce was .50.  Haha, even though I have a few more dollars to spend on meals now, I would still choose rice and peanut sauce 9 times out of 10. Ha. So glad I made it and it was so easy. I'll be making lots of batches in the future. And adding fresh veggies of course.

I found the recipe HERE and modified it according to what I had on hand. I always prefer doing that with recipes and it saves money if you don't have to go out and buy more ingredients. I used white rice because that was what I had. I do prefer brown rice and it would be so good with noodles too.

Anyway, Gabe and I really enjoyed it and Goldie did try some and that's all I ask. All we can do is keep setting a good example for them and eventually they will like healthy foods. She chugged their milk like always and her comment about the meal was, "Well, I DID like the milk!". Haha. Such a positive person. She's the best.


Thanks to CA Milk for sponsoring this post. I had so much fun.

XO Coury

Aug 19, 2016

In these shoes.

Hi guys! I'm partnering with Famous Footwear today to get all emotional about Goldie starting pre-school part time this fall. Too soon, I say. Why does it seem like she was born yesterday? Luckily, her brother is her absolute clone so I get to relive her babyhood...this time I'm savoring it more. It's hard to do that the first time.

I love these converse for her running around everywhere and my lace up flats are comfy and cute.

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This post was sponsored by Famous Footwear and all opinions are my own. :)


Aug 16, 2016


Can't even say how much I love Fridababy! So happy to partner with them today.  Head over to my Instagram to enter to win Fridababy's Bitty Bundle of Joy tool kit now available at all Target stores! It's SO essential for new moms and it's the PERFECT gift for a baby shower. It's the things that new moms don't know they'll need or forget if it's their second time...but as soon as some bad gas hits or baby get's the first cold, they'll be so glad to have these products!

The NoseFrida was used a lot on Goldie as a babe and will be on Darcy as well! We used it most when she had a cold to get the extra snot out and it's a sleep saver for sure. The Windi has been amazing with that fourth trimester baby gas that seems to be happening multiple times every hour! It seriously works like MAGIC. I could use an entire pack every day. They are that good.  The last couple of nights the Windi has saved me some serious sleep because they relieve the gas (or poop..sorry haha) instantly after being inserted and Darcy has been able to get right back to sleep. The NailFrida is awesome because there is a mini spy hole so you can make sure you aren't cutting too far. Cutting baby nails can be a little stressful, right? Anything that makes it easier is nice.

So, the products are all must-haves and can we just talk about the packaging now? I think they should do a children's book next with those cute people, right? So good. Goldie is obsessed with helping me and this fun packaging literally had begging me to let her "help" cut Darcy's nails. So, now I get to bribe her with helping instead of with TV time or treats. HA!

*This post is sponsored by FridaBaby and all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting my sponsors and allowing me to spend more time with my babies. :)